What Are The Eye Conditions That Lasik Helps To Correct?

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What Are The Eye Conditions That Lasik Helps To Correct?

There are four general eye conditions that are treatable with the Lasik procedure. Some people mistakenly believe that Lasik can be used to treat all forms of vision problems and all degrees of short sightedness or far sightedness and this is not true. Even the conditions which are treatable with Lasik must fall within a certain range to qualify for the laser treatment.

Lasik was primarily designed to help those patients with mild to moderate vision problems. Patients with severe vision problems may be helped with Lasix but their eyesight may still remain poor enough to require glasses. Although most patients who undergo Lasik never need to wear glasses or contacts again, this isn’t the case for everyone.


Lasik is mainly used to treat the eye conditions of myopia which is also known as nearsightedness, hyperopia which is also known as farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia if you choose to use the monovision method of correction.

What Are The Eye Conditions That Lasik Helps To Correct?


Myopia is also called nearsightedness, and is a condition where you can see objects close up much clearer than objects at a distance. This is generally caused by a eye that is longer than normal and the light rays therefore focus in front of the retina rather than on it.



Hyperopia is called farsightedness and is the opposite of myopia. Objects that are at a distance are clearer than objects that are up close and this is because light rays focus behind the retina instead of on it.



Astigmatism is a common condition which results in blurry vision which results from an unusual shaped eyeball. Instead of being round, the eye is more of an oval shape and this causes the light rays to focus on two points instead of one. In addition, those with the condition of astigmatism often have myopia or hyperopia as well. When Lasik is used in a case like this, both conditions can be treated at once.



Presbyopia is a common eye condition that normally occurs with aging and strikes people in between the age of forty to fifty. It is the result of the eye lens losing its elasticity. This causes objects to become blurry the closer they become. This condition is usually corrected with reading glasses. Lasik cannot correct presbyopia in itself but Lasik can compensate for the condition through a procedure know as monovision. One eye is corrected to see far away and the other is corrected to see up close so the brain is tricked into seeing clearly.

Lasik has helped many people with the above conditions to be able to give up wearing glasses and contact lenses and restore clear vision. Only your eye doctor will be able to determine if Lasik is appropriate for your situation.

By Peter Rankin

Beautiful eyes images
What Are The Eye Conditions That Lasik Helps To Correct?

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