Aerotype Hi-Tech Jacket from POLO Ralph Lauren
Aerotype Hi-Tech Jacket from POLO Ralph Lauren

This must be the most gorgeous looking technology enabled jacket on the planet: the Aerotype Hi-Tech Jacket from POLO Ralph Lauren.

What a cool looking snow boarding / winter action sport jacket. The Aerotype Hi-Tech Jacket is made from innovative water-resistant, double-layer Microfiber shell, incorporating interactive PaniQ™ technology that allows safe remote use of Bluetooth™ or MP3 players, Recco® Avalanche Rescue System and Scholler®-PCM™ technology, which actively balances temperature extremes.

Plug your communication / entertainment gear into the interior pocket using the included connector and adjust controls at sleeve to play, change volume/tracks and phone controls. Your device is save while you enjoy the wild side of life.

POLO Ralph Lauren seems to connect to the technology enabled, interactive apparel trend which is growing this year at the fastest seep since this type of clothing was launched a few years back.

Power brands like POLO Ralph Lauren will push the interactive fashion market forward in the seasons and years to come.

The PANiQ modular system makes it easier for brands to incorporate technology into their apparel collection as well as to provide many choices for the consumer to select and buy functionality as needed.

The retail price of the Aerotype Hi-Tech Jacket is $1295.- not a small change but the coolest Hi-tech jacket you will find on the planet. And it is a POLO Ralph Lauren after all.

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