The North Face Audio Jackets
The North Face Audio Jackets

Despite the cold weather outside, the technology enhanced apparel market is really heating up this winter season. The North Face added to this growing market great looking Audio jackets for women and men.

Beautiful not only the style of the jackets but also the soft touch control on the sleeve in the shape of a diamond. The controls are CONNECTEDwear compatible which opens a wide range of functionality modules to connect to the iPod family or other MP3 player and Bluetooth devices.

Designed for athletes who need to stay connected, no matter where, these waterproof, breathable, fully seam sealed jackets keep skiers and boarders dry and warm – and in tune with todays digital lifestyle.

The women’s Femphonic Audio Jacket comes in the colors Black or Flamenco Blue (photo) and retails at $348.95 the same retail price as the men’s Hustle Audio Jacket available in the colors Black and Cedar Tan.

The Northface represents another top brand in the outdoor apparel market by offering the option to select jackets which literally weave our digital dependability into our clothing, making our clothing compatible with devices which have not existed a few short years ago. Technology enhanced clothing is not something geeks design for geeks, technology enhanced clothing is designed to accommodate the needs of the digital age.

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