Laser Eye Surgery Risk - Learn More Here

Laser Eye Surgery Risk
Laser Eye Surgery Risk - Learn More Here

Laser eye surgery has helped many people with problems related to a defective sight. Laser eye surgery is a simple and quick procedure, with great benefits. But like any other surgery, this procedure has its own share of risks. The occurrence of vision-threatening side effects is very low in a laser eye surgery Every surgery risk has to be examined and evaluated to determine if the benefits of the laser eye surgery outweigh the risks. The risks are:

Corneal Infection - A Possibility:

Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) and Lasik procedures sometimes results in laser eye surgery risk like corneal infection. This rare condition persists for a short time and slows down the healing process.

Under Or Over Correction:

Under or over correction is a condition when the response of a patient's eyes' to the treatment can not be predicted. Sometimes, the need for corrective lenses is inevitable for a short period and surgical treatment is also advised.

Dry Eyes:

This laser eye surgery risk can be easily treated with the use of lubricating drops. In this case, the healing time is increased to several weeks.

Corneal Haze:

Corneal Haze is a prominent side effect in PRK patients. This is a condition which happens during the path of recovery. In most of the procedures, it is not sight-threatening but in rare cases, excessive haze impairs the sight.

Lasik Risk:

Lasik surgery can cause a risk called flap damage. If it worsens, the flap is irreparably damaged and lost forever. The chances of this risk are rare and low.

Distorted Corneal Shape:

Lasik patients sometimes experience a distorted corneal shape. This occurs during the healing process and can sometimes affect the quality of a person's vision.

Vision Loss And Visual Symptoms:

Double vision and halo effects are rare and serious side effects. Vision loss causes irreparable damage to the sight.


In some cases, the operated eye might not retreat to the former state. This laser eye surgery risk happens several months after the procedure and it is advisable to opt for further surgical procedure.

Diminishing Results:

Sometimes the results seen in the beginning may diminish over a period of time. This laser eye surgery risk occurs in people who have far-sighted vision.


As any surgical procedure, laser eye surgery also involves many risks. A consultation with the surgeon regarding the risks involved in surgery can be helpful for a patient. The advancement of technology ensures that these risks are eliminated over a period of time. In majority of cases, any laser eye surgery risk is quite negligible compared to the remarkable benefits of laser eye surgery

By Al Falaq Arsendatama

Laser Eye Surgery Risk
Laser Eye Surgery Risk - Learn More Here

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