Recycled Bike Tire Belt from DownBound


Recycled Bike Tire Belt from DownBound

Sexy Vegan and Recycled Belt made from Bike Tires. This ultra-chic and ultra-earth friendly belt comes from DownBound. No two belts are alike, because as the manufacturer points out, the bike tires the belts are made ouf of, have a rich and diverse history.

Site Description:

“Each belt is handcrafted from a no-longer used bike tire that has ridden the roads and off-roads of Europe. Hundreds of hours of prefect riding history are built into the fabric of your unique vegan belt”.

The eco-friendly belts can be cut to any size, and retail for $45 but their is no tax to US customers, as they come from Canada.

If you are in the market for a new belt? or are considering giving someone a belt as a gift? Give this one a good look.

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