New Ray-Ban Sunglasses 2009

The sunglasses of Ray-Ban are iconic everywhere in the world. Their two models, the aviator and Wayfarer, represent the gauge for the way in which the half of all the sunglasses are never made and are the two best models of sale. However, they propose new models each year and today we will look at where they go for 2009.

New Ray-Ban Sunglasses 2009
Ray-Ban Sunglasses 3384

The new sunglasses of Ray-Ban never appear year, but to be honest, good number of them are an additional advantage their own models and are right the simple updates. Ray-Ban 3384 is one of these models. It is basically an updated version of Wayfarer, with a more technical glance. The form is identical, but the contour of the reinforcement is now a fine metal instead of standard acetate. If you seek something similar to Wayfarer but do not want the thing exact, this could be a choice. The price is approximately $110.00.

New Ray-Ban Sunglasses 2009
Ray-Ban Sunglasses 4122Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Sunglasses of Ray-Ban are usually known for their male models but we see that even more female-specific reinforcements from time to time and Ray-Ban 4122 is one of them.The form is a vintage one, and I like it.The temples are not connected to outcrop of the reinforcement, and I like this small little design.It comes in several colors and the price is approximately $80.00.

New Ray-Ban Sunglasses 2009
Ray-Ban Sunglasses 3361

Ray-Ban 3361 is one of the many envelopes of full cover of their last choice.The models as this must compete with marks like Prada and Gucci thus I do not know that for which point they will suffice.I think the glances of model very well and am much cheaper than these other marks, but it does not stick outside as very original.The price is approximately $130.

The sunglasses of Ray-Ban are in general completely preserving.You will not see much risky to conceive, but is never it about what they were.The sunglasses are rather a tradition for them.For more information on their more famous models and celebrities who carry them, employ the function of research on the blog.

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