Lasik Surgery Screening

A LASIK eye surgery is associated with various complex procedures and complications after the surgery has been completed. Although, the process involves only minutes to perform including a virtually painless operation, it is often associated with certain risk factors and complications. The complications occurring from a LASIK eye surgery may vary from one individual to another depending on the complexity of the case. It is always recommended to get the eyes screened before an individual decides to opt for a LASIK eye surgery. Screening and other related tests before the surgery could help patients avoid the potential symptoms and troublesome aftereffects.

Lasik Surgery Screening

While screening, the surface of the patient's cornea is examined using a computer managed scanning device. This device creates a topographical map of the cornea in order to determine the irregularities in the shape of the cornea and to detect astigmatism. This screening in turn helps to decide whether the patient is eligible for undergoing a LASIK surgery. A comprehensive test can also help in reducing the complications at a later stage that can be eliminated at the outset itself. Patients with fourteen diopters of myopia are not encouraged to choose LASIK surgery, as it might lead to future complications. This can be decided only when a patient goes through proper screening procedures and undergo relevant tests. Refractive examinations combined with meticulous comparisons with the patient's past medical records would determine the suitability of a LASIK surgery on the patient.

Eye surgeons also perform comprehensive tests of the eye anterior, the front portion and the posterior, the back portion. These tests help in determining specific eye ailments that might eliminate the choice of a LASIK surgery altogether. Eye diseases such as ocular hypertension, diabetic retinopathy, or glaucoma detected through a posterior examination might rule out the provision of LASIK surgery, and thus need to be detected prior to the surgery. A screening combined with relevant tests can therefore make a huge difference in the results and suitability of a LASIK eye surgery. Several online health organizations perform convenient cornea analysis and computer screenings to help patients in evaluating their cases.

By Kevin Stith
Lasik Surgery Screening

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