Rockin Jackets from Columbia Sportswear
Rockin Jackets from Columbia Sportswear

The Rockin Out jackets have of course the technology twist: they are compatible with the Skullcandy® wearable technology system we blogged about a few days ago. The flexible keypad in diamond shape was well as the textile cable to connect to the wearable audio system is fully integrated into the jackets and are washable.

If you decide it is time to activate your jacket with an audio feature or just to get the iPod controls on the jackets outside, you can order these upgrades by Skullcandy.

The jackets are made from Omni-Tech® fabric making them waterproof and breathable to prevent rain, snow and moisture from reaching the inside while allowing moisture inside the garment to escape and evaporate, providing a save place for your iPod and yourself while being in full control, at least of the iPod while venturing through the great outdoors.

The Rockin Out jacket retails for $199.99 and are available online via the links above in the colors Grey and Orange for men and Green (Kelly) and Pink for women. Columbia Sportswear has put together for this winter season a nice lineup of technology enriched clothing, a collection where you can choose according your needs and likes.

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