Sunglass Hut Store Locator

Sunglass Hut Store Locator
Sunglass Hut Store Locator

Sunglass Hut operates 2,000 retail outlets in 20 countries. 1,562 in North America, 157 in Australia, 44 in New Zealand, 15 in Asia, 80 in South Africa, 81 in the United Kingdom and Ireland, 33 in the Middle East, and 3 in India.

Sunglass Hut store types include normal retail stores and shopping centre kiosks, retailers in airports, hotels and outlet centres, and premium ‘global’ stores, which offer customers an enriched shopping experience. Sunglass Hut has also entered into a partnership with Macy’s to open stores within their department stores.

Sunglass Hut has entered a number of new and growing markets in recent years to satisfy the demand of the emerging middle class in developing nations in Asia and the Middle East. In the last five years, Sunglass Hut stores have opened in China, Thailand, India, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

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