Laser Eye Surgery FAQs

Laser Eye Surgery FAQsLaser Eye Surgery FAQs

Laser eye surgery refers to the surgical procedure performed to correct blurriness of vision.

What are the types of laser eye surgery?

Corrective laser eye surgery is one of two types: PRK and LASIK. In PRK, or photo refractive keratectomy, the skin layer over the cornea is manually scraped, resulting in corrected vision. This type of surgery involves a longer recovery time but is less risky. LASIK, or laser assisted sub-epithelial keratomileusis, is a method where the epithelium is removed and replaced. Healing is faster with LASIK.

How long does it take to get laser eye surgery done?

The actual procedure is just about one to one and a half minutes. Patients will need to be in the surgery room for about 15 minutes for pre- and post-surgical preparations.

What is the recovery time for laser eye surgery?

Patients experience immediate clarity with LASIK and can start normal activities after 24 hours. For patients who undergo PRK, recovery time is anywhere from a few days to even weeks.

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How permanent is laser eye surgery?

Corrective eye surgery through laser techniques last for a lifetime. Changes made to the cornea remain because the cornea is a very stable tissue. Cases of regression of vision are rare and can be corrected with further surgery.

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Can complications arise with laser eye surgery?

Yes. Complications and side effects can occur with both LASIK and PRK. Some of the side effects are dry eyes, under- or over-correction, halo around things under light, ghosts or double vision, growth under the epithelial flap, and light sensitivity. Fluctuation of vision is a complication that is seen even 6 months after surgery.

Are there any restrictions on activities after undergoing surgery?

Normal activities can usually be resumed after 24 to 48 hours after surgery. Certain activities that might put pressure on the eye like swimming, eye rubbing, eye makeup, and squeezing eyes should not be done.

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Laser Eye Surgery FAQs
Laser Eye Surgery FAQs

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