2009 Short Bob Haircuts For Women

Fashion Short Bob Haircuts 2009
Short Bob Haircuts 2009
Rihanna the young sexy and pretty singer, always has good hairstyle. With short bob haircut she comes at the David Letterman Show. She looks pretty and charming.
A perfect short bob haircuts

A perfect short bob

I had mid length hair to shoulder and got a perfect bob hair cut like this and recommend it for any girl with straight hair.Credit - Heading Out Hair and Beauty in Australia
Another cute short bob haircuts 2009

Another cute short bob haircuts 2009

Short bob hair cuts are easy to maintain and wash. Split ends and direct sunlight can cause bad hair days though this is rarely possible in a short bob hair cut. If the hair is naturally curly then one can go for long spiral curls that overlap the crown hair.

Short bob and fringe
Short bob and fringe

Ellen Barkin has updated her short bob and has looked great in it at red carpet events world wide. She looks hot and stylish in this short bob with a swept fringe. A fringe can add a different look to most bob hairstyles and this one is no exception. The fringe really adds a touch to this hairstyle and adds to facial framing by softening other areas.

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