Paris Hilton Long Blonde Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Paris Hilton certainly knows how to make heads turn. Most recently, she earned a features spot in Nylon magazine. This gave the star the chance to show off her most recent hairstyle. Hilton is yet another star in the line of celebrities choosing hair extensions to create their look. Her most recently spotted ‘dos are a result of her endorsement of a new line of temporary hair extensions.

Paris Hilton Long Blonde Hairstyles For Curly Hair
Thus, the star can go from short to long and anywhere in between on a moment’s notice. This may seem like an admirably versatile hairstyle. However, Hilton has been criticized for the obvious fakeness of her ‘do. Her looks are seemingly flawless, too flawless. Not a strand is out of place and there is almost no natural movement to her styles. Hilton’s color also adds to this doll-like image.

Paris Hilton 2008 winter Long Blonde Hairstyles
Her newest shade of choice is a very yellow blonde with minimal highlights. The lack of extra tones limits the dimensions of Hilton’s look. However, for the many fans who crave her style, this artificial perfection may be appealing. After all, many women crave a style where each strand is in its place and retains the perfect blonde color. However, it would be nice to see a little more personality and life from Hilton, who is setting herself up to be viewed as an artificial personality.

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